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What Advantages Will the CRC System Offer Park Owners?
The Concealed Track System

Imagine if any one of your favorite attractions had been constructed with a concealed track system, especially those that place the guest in a "flying" vehicle. And how about those rides where the vehicle rolls on a roadway of some kind, but because of the limitations of the ride system can't jump a crevasse or other obstacle, or just take off and fly for that matter? Imagine a ride system with these capabilities, but without complex ride vehicles requiring elaborate electro-mechanical and/or hydraulic actuation, and delicate on-board computer control systems. Imagine any of the extreme coasters in current operation today, but with the addition of vehicles supported at variable distances and angles away from the track. Take that and further combine it with the ability to use thematic elements that either partially or completely conceal the track. Frankly put, there isn't a ride system out there at the moment that can do all of these things. The CRC will be that system.

The CRC themed as a jungle safari ride in an indoor installation. The vehicle and its riders have just avoid being run down by a charging rhino by jumping the moat surrounding a ruined jungle temple. (Illustration: Magic Hand)

Innovation & Versatility
In these days of lower park attendance, there is a need for economical though innovative attractions to keep customers returning. The CRC System lends itself perfectly to a wide range of novel applications, themed or not. The CRC system won't require extreme speeds to attain some very exciting multi-axis vehicle dynamics, both vertically and horizontally relative to the track. Nor will it require huge lift hills and long run-outs to achieve wild accelerations. The track system also offers the advantage of being able to fit in to difficult spaces. Want the vehicle to be in one place but the need the track off to one side, or possibly overhead? You've got it.

A Few Other Concepts to Get You Dreaming...
Consider these concepts: passengers riding in an out of control rocket sled, piloted by a crazed coyote in pursuit of an extremely fast moving though flightless desert bird through a cartoon desert landscape, along highways, up the sides of mesas, spinning off in to the air, then recovering. Or guests flying crazily through the skies over England in a car with two young wizards, the one flying it being only "semi-competent" as a pilot. Or perhaps riding with a detective in a high powered muscle car in pursuit of a hit man, traveling at extremely elevated and irresponsible speeds, bouncing through the hills of San Francisco. Finally, imagine if any of the highest, fastest, most demented roller coasters in operation today had the ability to freak out their passengers by flipping them around, on and off the track, almost slamming them in to the pylons supporting the track system, then swooping away at the last nanosecond, the frantic passengers not able to tell what will happen next, even though they can see where the track should be taking them.

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