US Patent No.6,269,749

The CRC System: US Patent No. 6,269,749





Plates 1 & 2: The CRC as patented using a single, jointed support arm intended to give a large range of motion while keeping the support arm as discrete as possible. Plate 3: The single, non-jointed arm system, notice how it differs from the jointed arm system.

The CRC is protected by US patent number 6,269,749 (European Community patents applied for) , and can be downloaded here as a PDF or viewed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office website: The USPTO. The CRC concept as described in the patent is widely ambitious, employing a single support arm, and so differs from what is shown in the rendering on this site. Despite this difference, the mechanical principles remain the same, the result shown here being as equally exciting, but more readily constructed.

In the near future we will be adding further examples of the CRC in other inspiring, themed and mechanical variations.

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