The Latest Concept in Thrill Rides:
The Cantilevered Roller Coaster System

Our first animated sequence and inspired by the San Francisco car
chase from the 1968 Warner Bros. film “Bullitt”
starring Steve McQueen, and a Shelby-Ford Mustang…

Bullitt was one of the all-time great car chase films. What if the film was the basis for a themed attraction using a late model Ford Mustang and the CRC system? Wouldn’t that be cool? That’s what we thought, so above are some animated sequences to show what it might be like. (Kids: the computer models and animated sequences were produced by CCS and Haro Digital using Autodesk software products)

The mechanical concept for this Cantilevered Roller Coaster (CRC) attraction uses a “side-saddle” track configuration utilizing two rail sets of fairly common manufacture. The lower set is primarily centered on ride vehicle path, while the upper set is offset to one side of the vehicle support arm. For more about the mechanical principles of the CRC click here.

Are you a park owner with a CRC concept and that you would like to see conceptually developed, computer modeled, and perhaps one day constructed? Our design team can illustrate and animate anything you can think of. Please contact us at to start the ball rolling, and/or for more technical information about the CRC system.

DISCLAIMER: Ford Motor Corporation, Warner Bros. Pictures and Autodesk are in no way affiliated with Cantilevered Coaster Systems and do not endorse its concepts or products.


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The Cantilevered Roller Coaster (CRC) system employs two tracks to create multi-axis movements of the ride vehicle. The upper track (A) determines the basic course that the vehicle follows. The lower track (B) and its variable position relative to the upper track along the course determines how the vehicle moves along axis 1: yaw-roll; 2: pitch fore-aft; and 3: vertical stroke up and down. The vehicle design in this image was influenced by the film “Blade Runner”.

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